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Full Version: Gravity Perseus AD145 WD
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Gravity Perseus is a strong defense type who is definitely worth buying. He has the advantage of left and right spin and the two modes. He is made only for Takara Tomy and Sono Kong and cannot be purchased unless you live in certain states or countries, or purchase him online. He comes with a left/right rotation string launcher. His face has an etched depiction of a Greek/Roman war helmet, it is clear/purple, and comes with stickers. Perseus' clear wheel is three sided and can be switched 180 degrees to the left or right to change modes. The gravity wheel is strong for defensive purposes and can only be connected to the Perseus clear wheel. The Armor Defense 145 track is all right, but it doesn't have many uses. The Wide Defense bottom is extremely helpful for balance and defense. In the anime, Perseus is owned by Julius Ceaser, an Italian blader who is the leader of Team Excalibur, of Europe.
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