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Full Version: Help with paypal problem
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I bought beyblades online from Hong Kong company and I payed by paypal but i got this email

"Hello ***** ******,

You authorized a payment of $34.98 USD to **** ** ****
Your funds will be transferred when the merchant processes your payment. Any money in your PayPal account at that time will be used before any other payment source.

Thanks for using PayPal. To see the full transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account."

What does this mean? The money is gone out of my account already but my order says 'Payment pending' And also paypal have now put the money on 'hold'?
U need to be patient. That's what it means -.-
This Should Be Asked In Purchase Consultation
(Jan. 30, 2011  5:38 PM)DragoonRoks Wrote: [ -> ]This Should Be Asked In Purchase Consultation

Actually no since he isn't buying anything beyblade wise Or asking wat to buy. It SHOULD be in "ask a question, get an answer!" Thread
I put it in ask a question and get a answer thread and was told it is only for beyblade questions.

I think paypal are investigating the money sent now. this could take ages Unhappy along with the shipping length
Off-topic, but this thread is going to be closed. The only place I can think of where this might belong, is in the General Discussion section of the forums. While "Ask a question, get an answer" is indeed for beyblade questions...this thread is in a section which is for buying/trading/selling beyblades...

I suggest you ask a mod to move this thread.
Serious You asked this already today. And in the same place. Just be patient. Somethings take longer then others.
Order is shipped as of today. Topic can be closed thanks for the help