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Full Version: [Brooklyn, New York] Battle of the Boroughs 2
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1st Place: Bluezee
2nd Place: Beystrategist
3rd Place: Joseph317

Time: 11am
Location: Kings Games
Date: Sunday, February 20th 2011
Fee: $5 + WBO fees

Since the last Kings Games tournament was so successful, Alex (the store manager) and I were discussing doing more monthly tournaments. It would be ideal to do it on a day everyone can remember without checking the WBO and it seems like last Sunday would work well since there are no other existing tournaments for other games on that day of the week.

Since Bluezee won the last tournament, and if I remember correctly, dominated the last Battle of the Boroughs, let's get a Battle of the Boroughs 2 going. Beat his butt for beypoints. Wink

Sky Prince
Shining Blaze
M L Drago
Kid Sniper
Chaos Blader1
yung lync139

Total: 26
Count me in, epicestmostepicthingtoeverepiclyhappen (Sounds more epic then Epicsauce)
Monthly tournys at Kings Games FTW
oh sweet, i think i have nothing planned that day. is it going to be the same system as your birthday party or this time it's only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? haha, cause i have a feeling ur gonna spend a LOT of money like how ur birthday was. even though it was massives of fun! XD haha, watch out, i got better at using attack types (now that my RF has worn down a bit) so yeah.... count me in.... i'll let u know if i unfortunately cannot go. =)
Sky don't have to prove anything.... (That's still my favorite quote from that day)

I won't mind if there are no prizes this time, it's still gonna be fun XD
I'm unsure of how the prizes will work, but why would your first concern be the prizes?
Dei, I checked the calender. They have a Yugioh Three Box tournament that day from 12-5. So.. are they canceling that or something?
lol. idk. cause honestly, i'm worried that you might be losing more money than you're gaining out of this... oh wait, but then the WBO reimburses you.... lol. anyways, idk, i was just concerned that you'd be spending too much. haha but same, i don't really care about the prizes... i care about getting more beypoints!!!!! >:3 haha, it's like a video game except in person. XD
Chances are, prizes won't be as elaborate. I may end up doing the token system only reoccuring so basically, if you want to reshuffle set, you need to be at several tournaments.
This is on my moms birthday weekend. She always go to NYC, Brooklyn for her bday. Maybe I can work something out.

Also what does abducting mean? And why Bluezee?

Because bluezee is awesome
I was thinking of hosting my tournament on the 27th. Oh well.
As far as that yugioh tournament is concerned, I'm going to call Alex tomorrow and ask him about that. Apparently, after the last tournament, the store recieved a lot of phone calls from people who were interested in the tournament, but missed it.
(Jan. 28, 2011  12:11 AM)Cye Kinomiya Wrote: [ -> ]I was thinking of hosting my tournament on the 27th. Oh well.
Host this one. It will certainly take some stress off my back.
Me and Jr count it.
As usual every Sunday practice time my complex be ready Grin I got some new ones for everyone!So does gabe!
ill probably come :3
(Jan. 28, 2011  12:14 AM)ikmv Wrote: [ -> ]Me and Jr count it.

Awesome, cant wait to see Gabe and his bit beast
Obviously I'm Coming Wink

I'll make sure I get to the Finals this time
Just everyone know that the date MIGHT change depending on what Alex says. I haven't contacted him about a specific date, but we may need to change this to the 20th if the yugioh tournament is too large. It may also be better to make the tournament registration start at 11am since everyone got there extremely early.
which reminds me, Jonnb, what did u do with my screw drivers from last tourament? you never gave them back to me....
Sooner is better is what I always say Dei, lol.

Btw Dei, yugioh tournaments are large. I went to one of the weekly ones, and they had duelist on every single seat lol, (except for a few..if it was every single seat then I would of been stuck standing)
This one generally gets like, 30-40 says one of the employees.
HEHE. Beat me if you can! BoTB2 is mine! I will be here so everyone I faced before, get ready for round 2. I had a lot of fun playing you guys/girl(s).
Bluezee, we never played so you only battled guys Gasp
Dont worry Bluezee, I'll get my revenge. Let it be known on Feb 20, Blueregard Q kazoo, will lose... (Points if you notice where I got the name from)

Anyway, so Dei, What do you mean by. If we want to get a Reshuffle set, we have to enter Multiple tournys?
oh hey, what are the prizes this time, ooooo! can it be a basalt horogium! i hope it is.
Read quest for Quetz and you'll understand what I mean.

Prizes will be determined eventually.
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