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Full Version: i wish to buy a dranzer f
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i wish to buy a dranzer f beyblade for my little brother. ever sens my grandmother passed away this year my little brother have been realy low, and he is only seven. and i know that he loves the dranzer f beyblade so i wish to bring him a smile by buying him that blade. but seens i cant finde it in the stores i hope some one wish to sell it to me.

please if u have one and wish to sell it contakt me.
PM Ramdatta......heres his thread

He has a Dranzer F but its Red
Sorry I dont have one.
But please add a prefix to your title otherwise a Mod will close this.
He has one ;/
please im looking for a blue one.
Good Luck...the Blue ones are i think hard to find ....just look around
(Jan. 27, 2011  9:49 PM)wolborgMS Wrote: [ -> ]

i could be a middleman

can u help me then please
(Jan. 27, 2011  9:44 PM)ShadowZoroark Wrote: [ -> ]He has one ;/
Hmmm Im not seeing it.
i can try but i'd prefere if u bougnht a buy it now rather than a auction
(Jan. 28, 2011  10:19 AM)wolborgMS Wrote: [ -> ]i can try but i'd prefere if u bougnht a buy it now rather than a auction

it woud mean a loot if u coud try.
Hell kerbecs for £11.99 including postage good?

Whoops. I thought I was in general purchase consultations. iPhone browsing sucks...
thats off topic and allso very rude using someone else thread
dose any one have a blue dranzer f that is not brocken and wish to sell it. please some one
I hope this link works, it's a great deal. Here u go my friend Smile
is there no one who will sell me a blue dranzer f?? please some one. i have a black dranzer i will exchange it for a regular dranzer f just so i can see my brother smile.
Try Raijin:
Has a Dranzer F, I don't know what kind of condition it is in.
There is also blah:
He has a massive image of a whole lot of beys that he is selling. Near the top of the image there is a Dranzer F.

There are two leads for you to follow. You should try and have a look at some of the selling threads, there should be some more people selling it.
ill trade you you can buy one on ebay but i will trade you i neeed a black dranzer ill buy it then keep it in the box and send it to you and you send me black dranzer
I have a blue nib tt dranzer f
pm me
If you still haven't gotten one, there is one on eBay:
Please add an appropriate Prefix in the Title.