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Full Version: [Rancho Bernardo, CA, USA] Anyone want to play?
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This is for the Rancho Bernardo area. Anyone who's interested post here. If we get enough people, I will announce the tournament name. I was thinking of hosting it at the RB Swim and Tennis Club. They have a game room that my friends and I hosted a Yugioh tournament at. If you don't like the location but want to become an attendee, then any suggestions are welcome.
Come on, I really want to make this happen!
if becomes big i will come
have to think about because i live 1hour and 45minutes away
I would like to come.
(Jan. 22, 2011  2:20 AM)Venumelion Wrote: [ -> ]I would like to come.

hey i forgot to ask you
what city do you live in
OK, so far that's 2 people. But I think we need 8 or something like that.