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Full Version: HOT COMBO
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Tell me how my ne customisation is
AR: Death gargolle MS
CWD: Free crusher
RC: Jiraiya MS
BP: Wolborg MS
What's the point of your CWD here?
You need to take away the Free Crusher.
Judging by your parts.
an uncustomised DEMS is fine, as is Wolborg.
Jiraiya's RC is a good piece of kit to have, just don't use it with free crusher, it doesn't belong with it.

That's all I have to say about it.
I assume you're looking for defense:

AR: Circle Upper/Samurai Upper
WD: CWD: Free Survivor/Reverse Defenser/God Ring (whichever one you have)
RC: Bearing Core 2

This is infinitely better than your combo.