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Full Version: What innovation would you like to see in future beyblades?
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(May. 11, 2011  1:14 AM)crsmelee Wrote: [ -> ]Remote controlled Beys Grin Naw JK Grin but color changing Beys would amaze me Grin

mattel have created technology that can actually do that, you have probably seen the advert for the color shifters hotwheels cars,and I really want remakes of the old beys, they looked better
Id like to see a limited relaunch of plastics for an anniversary type thing. That would be really cool.
I want plastics back too. Since MFB is getting closer to the end, let's hope for a plastic reboot.
About 5 out of the 8 posts on this page aren't even really contributions.

People, don't put stuff like "Oh, I want a bey like this", or "I just want BB to last forever". No, you are supposed to put an innovation. Something such as the use of this for ALL beyblades, or whatever.

I don't want this thread to close down.
Beyblades based of of the Five Sacred Bitbeasts. Talon Dragoon LMLW100LRF, Burning Dranzer MWW145CMS,
Tide Draciel 230CS, Strata Gaia Dragoon EConfused and Wild Driger 80XF, and they come with the launcher to have L/R AND The power of the Rev Up and The breakabilty of the Light Launcher.
That is not really an innovation.
Meh, I was kinda tired when I wrote that and didn't see your post.
Lots more tips in lots more materials. MWD and RD anyone? Other possibilities: RWD, RHF(If done right), MCS(CS w/ metal instead of plastic center), ESD, BED(Bearing Eternal Defense), FF(Fin Flat, has W105-style wings that supposedly give the bey more traction, HF/D(HF with DS on top, toggles just like HF-S), etc. A rough concept of HF-D:[Image: hf_d_conceptart.png]

(Mar. 13, 2011  2:13 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]I want to see wheels like Trygle, enough of completely circular wheels!

Vari Ares much?

Also, OT, but HF-S is due for a re-release and recolor.
He wrote that way before we even learnt about Vari Ares.
I wanna see more gimmicky spin tracks but before i get flamed i want to see them WITH use ok people like useful ones also glow in the dark energy AWESOME
(May. 28, 2011  11:58 AM)Clonetos Wrote: [ -> ]I wanna see more gimmicky spin tracks but before i get flamed i want to see them WITH use ok people like useful ones also glow in the dark energy AWESOME
4D should be giving us more of the gimmicks, but it won't solely be the spin track.

And glow in the dark PWs? Do many people take the risk of using beys in the dark?
If they had Glow In The Dark CW's, I would.
Haha, I think more than anything TT will be accused of wasting time for making them other than those admiring them. Why would we battle in the dark?
fire proof beyblades and stadium omg that would be so beast!
Actually I find that I would extremely like the TT attack stadium (outer walls, non playing area) to be much harder and made of a stronger material. The playing surface to be the same of course.

When my stadium is moved around I feel it's so delicate and prone to damage.
ControL_: Because it would look totally sweet with GitD Clear Wheels zooming everywhere. It would be, and I don't say this lightly, Totally. Boss.

Tormented, shouldn't be a problem unless you're planning to set them on fire. In which case, whatever flammable material you use would create interference and be illegal. Or something.

COMPLETELY agree on hardier stadiums. It'd mean less people would have to convince their parents to buy them "a flimsy piece of plastic". Oh how I wish hasbro would make one of their portable stadiums an attack/tornado attack style arena... Or anything. Blaugh.
TBH, I'd think the whole thing could be made of a better plastic without damaging beys, just make the current plastic way thicker, or if the other plastic somehow wears faster, put a coat of this plastic over it, whatever, I am just terrified of the day mine eventually dies... Bluh.
Once the price for this material goes down, maybe the beys could be made of a self repairing metal

Check this site if you want to know what I mean. We usually wind up using a lower grade of what the military use, so why not in beys?
Because they're just toys? Beyblade will have been dead for years before that material approaches usability.

Man, I'm so depressing. I shouldn't be exposing you kids to the harsh realities of life and capitalism (not making a political statement here, really).
The high quality might kick start the game and mean more powerful parts that grab the older crowds could be made, like a full metal bey and/or sharper spikes.
Meaning young bladers will stab themselves?
But I would love to have a bey with a track that changes height; 85-145-230 but I know that won't happen.
I want a beypit. and THMBD85
That stands for?...
Multiple, Boost ,Disk Triple Height?
Triple Height Metal Boost Disk 85, which is 85>145>230
(May. 28, 2011  10:22 PM)Hope Wrote: [ -> ]Meaning young bladers will stab themselves?

bey are meant of 8+ so I'm sure by then they know how to handle sharp objects
on the other hand, they could just stick out more like the originals
(May. 28, 2011  10:50 PM)FinisherLDrago Wrote: [ -> ]Triple Height Metal Boost Disk 85, which is 85>145>230
Hah, you'd never fit that in an 85 track Unhappy

DarkWolf1, you don't let kids handle sharp objects. 8 is WAAAY too young. TT could already make a more adult focussed game if they wished, but they haven't for a reason (not as marketable).
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