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Full Version: [Tolleson, AZ (USA)] I need some practice
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I live in Tolleson AZ anyone looking for a battle Im new but pretty good. (anyone who is actually interested ignore the chat with me and Kai( little 3 grade mistake here move along)
Add a proper prefix in the topic title.
My bad can i change it or something
Yes. In the first post, click on Edit, then Full Edit, and add the prefix in the title. It should also include "USA", by the way.
can you tell me what prefix i have not had basic grammer class in a couple of years
I guessed but is this cool.
You have not added anything ... You need to put "[Tolleson, Arizona, USA]" at the beginning of the title of this topic.
ooohhhhhh ok gonna need some getting used to.
the title ok got it (right i think ima need to Make a new tread dont you think
A prefix goes at the beginning, I told you ...
heh heh is that better (im sorry im a bit slow)
ok now do i just delete this then make a new one or just new cause its not letting me delete the thread.