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Full Version: 85 Track-Draft
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85 is currently the lowest Track available. It's low height allows Attack-based Wheels such as Vulcan to make good contact with opposing Tracks, causing a high KO rate. Also useful in Stamina customs (Ex. Earth Bull 85WD).

Beyblade: Mercury Anubis 85XF

Any adjustments? The attack thing wasn't too well done so I'm really open to suggestions for that part. Also, has 85 been tested for Destabilizing? I want to add that if it has and works.
Edit: Won't let me delete. This can be used for the Mercury Anubis 85XF article.
you usually write drafts for beys, not parts :V
not neccecary, it will be written when mercury anibis is tested enought or there is a draft (if ever) on the URS l drago version :\
Oh. I just noticed in Beywiki, the lack of 85 and 90 Track Articles. Should I just delete this thread?
yeah, it is useless at the moment :\
You should keep it for when Mecury Anubis is - Yeah, it wouldn't make a difference. Close, then someone can copy your info write an article.
Just let it die. No offense.