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Full Version: THe Cyber Phantom Bladers (VA,PA,MD,D.C,WV,NC,SC United states)Need members!!!
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Hi and im kayla (call me Cyber) and 13 and use these beys lighting ldrago100HF,Storm pegis 100HF and rock bullc145JB!just put info about yourself and why you should be on the team.Im the leader and the co leader is Dark Alpha Wolf.Thanks you and plus we will meet in real life!!WinkWinkPlus Holy hornbeam~!!!
A prefix, by definition, belongs at the beginning of something, not in the middle or at the end.
i am a SC blader and i need people to battle. I would love to get more info about the team.
ok Kai-v ill fix it
i need people for my team please join today!
I need somone to battle im the best in my town they aren't a real challenge.
im giving up on my team close this topic please