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Full Version: [Louisiana, USA] Beys Strike Again
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Hi, Fellow bladers! I am planning to organize a tournament in Slidell! If you are in LA then please reply! I need at least 10 bladers! and yes, it will be called "Beys Strike Again"
?? UP !

Tell me how I can enter the tourtements and when and where they will be?Will it be on the weekends?StupidEee
well, reaux. so far your the only one so, im not sure. but if we can get about 10-15 more people to come we are going to hold it at a time where they can come. If we can get even more we can try to get this an official event
Ok let me know everyday if people start to join.

Ok Guys ill join but where will it be it depends where if not far from where i live i can come.
not sure about the EXACT location but we need more bladers Uncertain
Ok i hope its near laffayete so i can go
I'd love to come as long as it is close to Lafayette, because I live in Sulpher. Tongue_out
Wait do we have too have a beypointer to go?
I sure hope not.
Same here i think they should give us one
Lol if only we was in Japan.
Lol yah can we just make it know like in gerard park or picard park