World Beyblade Organization

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hey every one i was wondering you see me and my friend wanted to make a beyblade team. but something that we think has never been done before. and that is to...have a beyblade team all acros america who nows maybey the world ya maybe were just dreaming butit could happen so thats why im making this post since no one has made one yet ( i have looked and the only one is your team name ). so we are looking for good beybladers and we have a name ( this name could change we still do not have a final name ) the name is THE SOREING BALDERS so again the name is not final i hope some of you are intrested please help us make something new so send me a link with you rbest battle video on you tube and i will send you a mesege with the answer
... A team all over North America ... This is getting even more ridiculous, you need to at least meet sometimes ...

Anyway, look in the WBO General forum.