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Full Version: Rate my customizations
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Now these are my two customizations that haven't changed in a while. I am yet to find anything that can beat them, bear in mind that I haven't been to any tournaments and there are very few if any laders round my area now.

Combo 1
Name: Kassatsu Doragoon
AR: Upper Dragoon (Kid Dragoon version)
SG: MG South
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Change

Combo 2
Name: Death Angel
AR: Tiger Defense (Jumping Base version)
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Right Spin Gear
BB: SG Sharp Base
What's their concept?

The first one would be better off with SG Metal Change BB + 10-Heavy over MG WD if you're going for upper. Customize Change BB is a bit too tall for upper to work effectively, besides the angle of its metal change tip making it harder to go into attack mode compared to Driger S's SG Metal Change.
As for the second combo, have you got HMC? Seems like a standard compact, but SG Semi-Flat/Metal Change are still the better choices.
The first is an upper attack that has defensive properties.

The second works well on killing zombies, or atleast this is what I have found.
Exactly what kind of Zombies are you beating? I can't see that faring too well.
That is fair enough. As I mentioned above:

"bear in mind that I haven't been to any tournaments and there are very few if any bladers round my area now."

So this combo occasionally beat some of the zombies that I played against in my area.
(Sep. 30, 2008  10:44 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Exactly what kind of Zombies are you beating?
There is like no possible way for that thing to beat a true zombie... It's sorta all over the place... it's got an endurance/defense BB (a bad one) and a 10 Heavy concentrating the weight in the center to increase spin rate, but doing so lowers the survival rate...