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Full Version: [BUYING] My Wish list
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1.Infinity Libra (20$-45$)
2.Mercury Anubis (38$-55$)
3.Ray Unicorno 12$-15$)
4.TT stadium 20$-30$
5.Gravity Perseus (14$-20$)
If any of u have these plz sell it to me![/size][/align]
gravity perseus 20 dollars!? hahaha
mercury anubis 55 dollars!? haha
ray unicorno 15 dollars!? haha
TT stadium 25 dollars here:
gravity perseus sold out (sorry i know i wanted one too but just for the launcher)
mercury is 10 dollars more (sorry your asking alot here:
infinity libra okay same link 40$
ray unicorno 10 dollars more same link
Also u need an actual prefix. Or else a mod will close it
Um wuts a actual perfix?And isn't Ray unicorno like 12-16 cuz on eBay that's what I saw gravity perseus too bout like 20$
Ray is $20+ for starter same for gravity Perseus and a booster Gil is $17