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Full Version: Selling My MFB Collection!
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Hey guys. I've quit beyblading and am deciding to get rid of them all. I have a lot with my beyblades up on Ebay and another auction with my Attack Stadium and Super Attack Stadium.

So if you're looking for a place to get some stadiums quick and cheap look up my auction. It's almost Christmas so you might want to pick these up and save some money.
Beyblade Lot
Attack Stadium and Super Attack Stadium
did you have to put it for bid and if you were going to quit blading then why didnt you sell me your attack stadium at the tournament
Why are you quitting?
I'm quitting mostly because I don't have much time to enjoy beyblading. I'm double majoring in school now and am working when I'm not in school. So my schedule is basically packed. Also at the NYC tournament a lot of kids decided to run off with some of my good beys. I don't really feel like spending so much money on those beys again.