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Full Version: NileFang's Prodigious Shop
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- Paypal Only
- Ships to USA, Canada, Japan, Austrailia, Korea (Fees: USA - $5, Canada - $7, Japan, Austrailia, & Korea - $15 - $20) (I will send money back if the shipping will cost less)
- You must pay within 3 days or Ill give it to the other buyer
- No Reserve
- Offer (PM or Post to this Thread)
- NO Launcher or Winders

U - Used
UU - UnUsed
LU - Lightly Used


Storm Pegasis x3 (U Normal, U Vortex Editon, UU 2 Pack Edition)
Lightning LDrago x2 (UU Normal, LU Vortex Edition)
Burn Phoenix x1 (LU Normal)
Earth Eagle x2 (UU Normal, U 2 Pack Edition)
Thermal Pisces x1 (UU Normal)
Evil Gemios x1 (UU Normal)
Rock Aries x1 (U Normal)
Dark Wolf x1 (U Normal)
Dark Bull x1 (U Normal)
Dark Libra x1 (U 2 Pack Edition)
Flame Saggitario x1 (U Normal)
Storm Aquario x1 (U Normal)
Rock Aquario x1 (U Normal)

PM or Post to this Thread for Offer

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It might help if you add a prefix to the title.
(Dec. 12, 2010  6:59 PM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]It might help if you add a prefix to the title.

I did put a Prefix.
No I see it. The Wii doesn't always pick up those things
Uhh... Usually in Trading threads you list what you have, and what you want. -__-