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Full Version: NIB Dragoon GT
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In Takara box and brand new, will be willing to pay 35USD.
If NIB isn't your top most priority then try this one


first search on Ebay , this is really cheap , but it does not have stickers but you can always get those by asking in this thread
It's very unlikely you'll ever find one NIB unless you're really lucky and find a hasbro one on ebay. Dragoon GT is rare to find at all let alone NIB.
Ah k, I don't need NIB, just in mint is fine, also include the launcher and ripcord.
unless you want a fake (which i've seen a few times0 Yyou're gonna have trouble someone with a bey shop might have 1 have u had a look
I think Ramdatta has one. It's not NIB but you could get it for $35.
No fakes please, will be after a Takara one now. (include the launcher and ripcord that came with). I'm starting to buy these agains, so I'm starting from scratch!
I can get 3 In a trade, i mint and two Have kinda bad stickers., so would u like to buy one? how much if so
Can you provide me with a picture first Unleashed? (the mint one)
When i get them yes.
Okay thanks.