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Full Version: [Escondido, CA] Anyone want to Battle?
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Merry Christmas
I am looking for bladers in Escondido, CA or San Diego, CA. I am bored playing by myself and not going to any tournaments. So please PM me if you are living in Escondido, CA!
I live in Sand Diego, California, so i guess we could maybe battle.
How old are you?
I am 11 and were are you in San Diego?
I'm in Carlsbad and I'm 13. I've been dying to try out my combos against someone else.
[font=Arial]Im 11 too! But im a girl.... Anyway... I live in carlsbad and I really want to battle in a tournament. Would you mind also having some other people? A 13 year old, another eleven year old, and a 10 year old? I might be able to come maybe 2-3 days after christmas? Smile
Hey, maybe we could go to aviara park or poinsetta park?