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Full Version: Selling: ArmouredBladers Metal Fight beyblade Sore
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This Is darkLeoneh145 and i am selling these items
Dark Wheel
Aquario Clear Wheel
Lightning L drago Takara tomy Used With Beylauncher L
Nintendo Wii console With 2 guitar hero games Band hero and areosmith INCLUDES GUITAR and 4 other games
Storm Wheel
Pegasus clear wheel
Hf-s x2
Gold L drago from vortex Set NIB
Blue and red pegasus NIB

Takara Tomy Stamina Stadium Mint
Poison Serpent for sale on monday
PM me for further info
Can i see a pic of the stamina stadium. thanks
YH as soon as i get my camera workin thnx Smile
Alright thanks, u can pm them to me or post here. doesnt matter.
Interested In buying stadium Pm sent Smile
You need to add a proper prefix in the title of this topic.
sorry he already exepted my offer for the stadium