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So here is my shop and im selling all of my Hasbro Beyblades because im going to buy only Takara Tomy beys now.

1. I accept Paypal only
2. I will ship worldwide
3. If your going to buy something PM me or reply
4. If your going to buy already you must have money or else I will sell it to the next buyer.

These are the fees for shipping:
Asia:$10 - $15
USA: $7 - $10
Australia: $15 -$20
Canada: $9

Storm Pegasis (Used) (Tip is scratched)
Rock Leone (Used) (Tip is scrathed)
Dark Bull (Used)
Earth Eagle ( 1 Used 1 New)
Dark Wolf (Used)
Darl Libra (Used)
L-L-Drago (Both New) (1From Vortex Set 1 From pack)
Flame Saggitario (Used)
Thermal Pisces (New)
Evil Gemios (New)
Storm Aquario (Used)
Rock Aquario (Used) (Very Good Attack)
Rock Aries (Used)
Stadium And Accessories:
Vortex Stadium
Light Launcher
Code Thing for Battle Online
Assembly Chamber

PM me if your interested.
I cant show any pictures because I dont have any camera.
But Maybe I can tell my cousin to let me borrow his Camera.
How much for the vortex LDrago?
He said pm if interested, I advise u to do that
Please use an appropriate prefix.
Like blah said, put a prefix on.
Uhmm, then what was the point of your post if you're just repeating what I said ? :L
(Dec. 09, 2010  9:29 AM)blah Wrote: [ -> ]Uhmm, then what was the point of your post if you're just repeating what I said ? :L

Yeah! what he said!!!
Pm sent