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Full Version: or trading wing defender, need desperatly
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looking for wing defender. i realy want it and I'm looking for it cheap (under $30AUS) and accessible. if anybody has any idea where i can get it please tell me, e-bay has it at least $50 so don't tell me to check there.
Why don't you just buy an Attack Stadium online for $30 ?
cheapest one i can find strangely is $50. don't know why.
Serious ? :L
Okay then.

Have you tried YJA ?
never heard of that site. ill Google it.
Uhmm you can buy one for $25 shipped here:
i was interested in them, but my worry wart mum wondered how they would end up after shipping.
The price includes shipping if you didn't notice.
sory if you read that wrong, i meant the condition of the item after shipping.
Actually, blademon has a TT Attack forr $25 USD, haha.

EDIT: Just saw the above. Oops Andrew Ha, pretty much mint, or however it was when it left, they are gonna put bubble wrap on it and its protection SPF from the sun is OVER 9000!! Sorry, just had to use that meme, a confessed 4chan member here ^^
well i bought a stadium from him but still looking for more stadiums. you can never have too much stadiums.
What ?!
Why would you need more than one ? (Unless you play everyday like hardcore)
i was going to do a neighborhood tournament but i don't want to use hasbro ones and everybody i know who plays beyblades only has Hasbro stadiums.
Haha, why don't you get some more and put them side by side, that way you start at the first and the bey bounces all the way to the end ^^ But seriously, rather than spending $30-$40 on a stadium, get a Vulcan Horseus, its so friggin awesome haha
ha ha, we tried that when chaos blader came over for my beyblade club meeting (witch i should have an end of year meeting). plus, stadiums are the heart of every proper beybattle, the more the merrier.
and they will become as rare as tornado balance and who doesn't want to go from $25 to $100+ lol :L
bump. i really want a stadium and well things are not going well.
Ahh, beyblademone. Try opening a dispute, Kai V is right for everything!

There is one on ebay for $30 USD, hold on for the link.
It's actually $40.
update: im now looking for winged defender as it was my first bey ever. if you have it and want to sell/trade it please pm me.
bump, i need wing defender. i don't realy care about the stadium much anymore, i just want this bey and every time i find it it's in a bundle or as $50 or more just by it's self. i don't care if it has little battle ability's i just want the bey for sentimental reasons, well it was my first bey so it was the beginning of my journey of being a beyblader. it was the basis of my bey spirit so i realy want it. please help me.
There is one on eBay right now:
You'd have to ask if the seller would be willing to send it to Australia though...
mmm, not sure about that one, thats the white one right? im looking for the black one mostly. plus that buy it know is a bit over my price range, expecaly if it cost extra to send it here. ill put that down as a maby, im asking somebody for one so i might have this quiker than i thought.
lol that price is really expensive. The blade is worth like nothing. $10 at most. Just unlucky that it is hard to find.
yea well you should see what people have been putting on e-bay normally, $50 not including postage. why is such a carp bey so hard to find, why is my first so hard to find?
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