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Full Version: need Burn Fireblaze Earth Aquila Evil Goises
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Burn Fireblaze
Earth Aquila
Evil goises

i have
Flame Sagittario
rock gasher
storm capricorn

will make what u want out of the parts of my beys
btw its evil gemios. unless thats the spelling where u live....? Chocked_2
u trading
Doubt anyone will trade for those.
no sorry just trying to help with ur topic title wait u live in the bronx?!! rite by me... its evil gemios. i stand by my statement. just edit the title
well i can try
Hey I have all 3 Beys but im selling them through paypal if you want them pm me.
I have evil gemios and earth aquila if u want to pay for them when u pay for dark libra. NIB from a 3 pack.
how much is and does it come with the code.also i mail the money so mail the blade
well going the mail it