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Full Version: Sol Blaze Gold VER.
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Hello WBO,
This Is BigOBangBlader,
I was wondering if anyone has a Sol Blaze Gold for Trade or for sale . I recently aquired a Sol Blaze Eclipse, my 2nd Sol Blaze and I would like to complete the collection of Sol Blazes. I looking towards 10-50 USD for it and people say there's olny 300 or 600 but this is not true I believe , It's limited 6000.
Also if any one has the Beyblade guidebook Dark Poisiden sticker sheet. Im interested.

10-50 is not worth it. Uncertain
I doubt you will get one for such a cheap price.
Its like gold wyvern dj. there arent that many made so it will cost probably over a couple hundred dollars
No, it's not a couple hundred dollars. I've seen some on ebay for $90+.
I now Dimsum hs it for 40 GBP maybe from him
I can Either Buy The Gold solblaze and a few excusives but still is there one for about 120 USD
(Dec. 07, 2010  1:30 AM)blah Wrote: [ -> ]10-50 is not worth it. Uncertain
I doubt you will get one for such a cheap price.

I hav a sol blaze gold ver very good quality. i traded it with a custom bey. maybe u can trade a custom bey with someone that has one sol blaze!
On ebay I saw one for 50 littlefashion was the seller I think
you are wrong on two accounts dimsum2u sell it for 30gbp which is about 48 usd so you can afford that and there is only 300 made not 6000
I believe not so if a 300pc bey was only like 50 usd it is going to be like 200 bucks I mean then it would be the second rarest bey other then black hole ver Galaxy Pegasus . I even pmed him and he said yes + the current price is 48 usd but when i made the thread it was when Dimsum had just made the update about Sol Blaze Gold
Here you can buy it on ebay for $50