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Full Version: Pre-HWS bey and Some Fake Beys
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Hey, just wondering anyone have any prehws beys? I would like one of these
It does not matter to me if its used , new or not , Please show me a picture and ask me a price and i pay with paypal only!
Also the fake beys if you have any let me know which one it is and picture please. I might also buy it for a REASONABLE price. For example a fake Storm Pegasus for the price of a real one is not reasonable . Thanks Grin
Edit: fakes have to be metal fight
I have some fake plastics if u want those.
(Dec. 05, 2010  6:36 PM)UnLeAsHeD Wrote: [ -> ]I have some fake plastics if u want those.

Oh sorry i was talking about the metal fight ones . XD