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Full Version: Hi need help with paypal
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Since this is a off topic section please help me with paypal & then close this thread if i have posted in the wrong area , i am confused

the thing is my Debit card does not work with paypal so i convinced my parents to make a new account in another bank to apply for a Credit Card , The bank that currently has my parents account does not have credit card facilities it only provides debit card so hence to open a new account in a new bank

Now i want to ask is my aunt already has a account in another bank that gives debit card so should i ask her to get a credit card & add my name with her i know she wont mind

but her surname is different & also her address is different but only a few blocks away so what should i do please tell me quick it's Christmas time you know , although i am india i like the concept of it lol & also how peaceful the festival is
You should try asking this in ask a question get an answer thread in beyblade general
(Dec. 02, 2010  6:08 AM)mesorangerxx Wrote: [ -> ]You should try asking this in ask a question get an answer thread in beyblade general
Why ? It has absolutely nothing to do with the Beyblade hobby. At least give him good advice.
Well...I guess you can't do anything unless u convince ur parents to get a credit card in a diff bank, but my sis uses debit cards on pay pal with no problem, is it because where you live...have u tried asking them something I'm pretty sure they have customer service
Paypal customer service: 402-935-2050
Good luck.
Paypal india = No Debit Card support , use credit cards or forget it don't drift away just answer will i be ok if i add my name to a card if my aunt gets it as she has a account n will save trouble for me to open a new one , but keep in mind her address n surname are different so will paypal allow me to add the CC as the 1st holder would be my aunt & her address n surname are different or will paypal also check that i am the second holder so it will just accept my address , coz i already have a paypal account with my address in paypals database
If your aunt is going to get the card the billing and phone will be her address. So to make sure you do not have any issues in the future, have your aunt get the credit card and open the paypal account in her name. Most sellers will only ship to a paypal verified address. This should work for you as you said she is just a few blocks away.
Thx Dominuce good to know but i already have a paypal account so now in the case i get a card with my parents & make me as the add on to that card , then what as the address is same can i use the card with paypal or since the 1st card holder is either of my parents & then me so will i have to make a new paypal account just because the 1st name is of my parent