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Full Version: Earth Bull C145 WB Dehorned & Burried
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So i got bored today since i don't have any new good bey since i got Earth Aquila 145 WD
a month ago , so i decided to try making a customization , i made the crowd favorite Earth Bull C145 WB , & tried it against two customized opponents ,

1st was - Storm Pegasis 145 WD

& Earth Bull won 4-2

Then i made ROCK AQUILA 145 WD

& Here is a detailed Analysis -

Launchers used -

Both light launchers as i feel they give the best grip

Ripcords -

Both 63 - 64 teeth ones

Beystadium -

Balance Type -

I have this one but in Red color

if you want i can post a picture of the stadium & the launchers

Launch Method -

To confirm the win loss did not depend on the launcher i used the Rock Aquila with 1st launcher ripcord pair for 1st 5 rounds & then with another pair for the last 5 round & here are the GLORIOUS Results -

Finally Now the battle -

Earth Bull C145 WB V/S Rock Aquila 145 WD

1 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

2 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

3 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

4 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

5 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

6 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

7 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

8 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

9 ] Rock Aquila Won by OS

10 ] Draw - I Accidentally made a weak launch - Restart - Rock Aquila Won by OS

Rock Aquila 145 WD Win Percentage 100 %

I Must say the battle was Neck to neck but the Bull got De-horned & Buried
I have never seen a tornado balance in red color.

By the way you can t test a stamina combo with a defence combo.
You should test your combo with an attack combo.
Rock is more of a attack wheel & WB Lets face it doesn't even behave like a Defence base it moves all over the stadium & plus it has less grip if hit by a powerful attack & starts wobbling unsteadily Earth Bull C145 WB is a Balance - Stamina - Defense Combo if you consider the bey from Clear wheel to the base & Rock Aquila 145 WD is a Balance -Defense combo , from the tests the C145 Track is actually useless thats the way i feel i would personally use a 145 or any other stamina track which does not ruin the beys spin rate if it had friction with the stadium

Anyway I think we still need to discuss this as i still can't figure out why C145 is used in Earth Bull
dude both of those beys are stamina combos thats why they beat earth bull, stamina>defence so thats why your tests are like that
also you said that wb moved around, well did you launch with 80% power or 100% power if 100% thats why it moved around
I think testing a WB combo versus a WD combo is not a good choise.
WD will outspin WB near always.
I do agree Rock is a kind of attack wheel(not so good but it still find a use in very heavy attack combo)

Just test your combo vs attack top tier combo and stamina top tier combo
@ lord Wolfblade >>>

If i use 80 % power to WB it will run out of spin even quicker & it would be useless even if i apply 80 % power to Rock Aquila

@ Gianmarco.93 >>>

& i don't have a LLD yet so i can't make myself a LLD 100 RF & for testing against stamina which bey would you suggest as Burn Phoenix is not available in india yet so i can't get my hands on Burn wheel , i do have the flame wheel though i will see if i can make anything from it

But please clarify one thing Instead of makin Earth Bull 145 WB , Why do people use Earth Bull C145 WB , what does C145 Offer ???

& Earth Bull is a Customized bey how can you call it a Stamina type only , Especially it shows negligible Stamina , it should be specified according to the parts used like it should be

Earth Bull C145 WB [ Balance - Stamina - Defense ]
1.i said your other combos are stamina types earth bull c145wb is a defence type and stamina>defence so there you go
2. earth and bull are not balance parts they are defence/stamina parts, c145 is not a stamina part its a defence part
and wb is a defence part
3. c145 is heavier then 145, and protects it from low attackers

please dont open a thread about a combo unless you no what you're talking about
Earth is a balance wheel , if C145 Track get hit by a beys weight disk , as C145 is plastic it starts wobbling & makes friction with the stadium so whats good about it , instead why not use ED145 Then as i never seen it creating so much friction with the stadium that the beyblade losses it's spin
dude you have no idea what you are talking about ed145 gives huge friction when hit
and mfb dosnt have weight disks

can a mod close this thread now please
You may think Rock is an Attack Wheel, however with WD that does not attack ...