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Full Version: ANY STADIUM.
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Hi bladers. I am searching for a Cheap, in good shape Stadium. I am a beginer in beyblades so i dont any special tournaments expensive thing (You understand). I look for a free shipment too, and i am from portugal. Thank you. Tongue_out_wink
I highly doubt anyone is going to ship you a stadium for free as they costs heaps to ship unless the actual price of the stadium is insane.
Can it be a hasbro stadium?
(Dec. 01, 2010  10:17 AM)Cpt. Squirrel Wrote: [ -> ]
Off Topic: Hah i ordered that on Friday But they got it on Saturday last week so Right now either it on Plane or Still in Tokyo xD

On Topic: yes it better to order as he Suggested
If you are looking 4 any arena i suggest you get the hasbro arena there around £10 and are more durable than the first gen off hassbro arenas (got a massive tear right through the middle of mine IMPOSIBLEE PLAY !!!)
sorry you also can buy from most toy shops
you can buy one from me, i have a spare. 30 $ shipping included, PM me.