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Full Version: Upper attack blade.engine gear series.
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well i was experimetning with my diffrent beyblades wich are only 3. of them and i put togther...

AR: zeus attack ring.. engine gear series.
WD:10 small.
SG: Engine gear right spin.
BS: I used rock bison base..
EG: Flat tipped enginge gear tip. "comes with engine gear series zeus"

this is my first home made combo. give me feed back? tell me what u think of it.
10 Small? Do you mean Ten Heavy? Also, the acronym for Blade Base is BB.

I don't really understand this Beyblade. Rock Bison's BB doesn't have a clutch, so this EG is going to be spinning as soon as you let go of it, isn't it? Plus, a free-spinning AR isn't going to give you much Upper Attack.

My suggestion is for you to post your parts in the "Build me a combo!" topic.
Brad, he only has three Beyblades.
(Sep. 21, 2008  6:43 AM)Kei Wrote: [ -> ]Brad, he only has three Beyblades.

Well then. He has to get more Beyblades, plain and simple. Speechless
I have none the shipping lost all of them (like 20+) when we moved here. Right now, I plan on getting a debit card and use that where they accept it to order beys. Or (this would be a miracle) have my mom get me a credit card and open a paypal for me and i deal with the fees on my own
my suggestion is, of your parts, for upper attack:

AR: Kid dragoon
WD: 8 Sided (Small)
BB: Galeon Attacker

Thats the closest you can get.
Gotruto, Kei has already suggested this combo to him...