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Full Version: Bettas
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Anyone have one of these fish? Also called fighting fish. I have a sorority (where you keep females together) of 5 girls. I have three males, and another female. I am breeding right now. Hoping for 20 babies, though I could get up to 700Chocked_2

Did you know? Bettas shouldn't be kept in anything smaller than 2.5 gallons. Anything smaller is cruel, with not that much space to swim around in. Anything smaller than 1.5 gallons needs daily 100% water changes. In the wild they don't live in small puddles. A single male can have a mile or more of territory. And they need heaters. They are tropical.
they need heaters? how does this work? you heat the water or something?
Well, they come from thailand where the water is a constant 80-82. These temps. can't be replicated in America. They need tanks 2.5 gallons or larger, and these are easiest to heat. They can live without heaters, though they will not be as happy or active, or live as long. And yes, the submersible heater heats and regulates the tamperature in the water.
oh right, i understand. i googled them btw, they look amazing