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Full Version: [UPDATED] GalaxyBey's Shop
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Hey its GalaxyBey and Welcome to my shop I hope you can find what you want here and if you are interested in any of the beys/accessores/stadiums please PMme or Replyto this post/thread.

Here are the rules you must follow in order to buy any of these items:

1) I only accept Paypal I dont accept anything else.
2) I will only ship to these States:
USA, Canada, and Japan.
3) You must be ready to pay for the item and shipping (Shipping to USA fee: $3/Shipping to Canda fee: $5/Shipping to Japan fee: $12.

You must follow all those rules.

Now lets get started!

Earth Eagle $5.00 + Shipping (Used)
Rock Leone $6.00 + Shipping (Used) (Tip Ruined)
Thermal Pisces $8.00 + Shipping (Very New/Never Used in Battle)
Evil Gemios $7.00 + Shipping (Very New/ Never Used in Battle)
Storm Pegasis $4.00 + Shipping (Used/Paint fading) (From Super Vortex Set)
Storm Pegasis $3.00 + Shipping (Used) (Tip Ruined)
Dark Wolf $5.00 + Shipping (Slightly Used)
Flame Saggitario $6.00 + Shipping (Slightly Used)
Storm Aquario $5.00 + Shipping (Used) (Comes with Rock Aquario Free!!!!!!!!!!)
Dark Libra $6.00 + Shipping (Slightly Used)
Dark Bull $5.00 + Shipping (Slightly Used)
L-L-Drago $4.00 + Shipping ( Slightly Used) (From Super Vortex Set)
Rock Aries $ 4.00 + Shipping (Used)

Lauchers $1 + Shipping (2 Blue and Red clear ones) (1 LDrago) (Each)
Ripcords/Winders $.50 + Shipping (Each)
Tools $.20 + Shipping (Each)
Stickers $.05 + Shipping (Only have a Little)(Each)
Hasbro BeybladeBattles Online Pic $.05 (Free Shipping) (Mostly Used)
Hasbro String Launcher $5.00 + Shipping (Orange) (Only Have one)
Hasbro Laucher Grip $6.00 + Shipping (Blue) (Only Have one)
Wind/Shoot Laucher $4.00 + Shipping
Assembly Chamber $4.00 + Shipping

Super Vortex

I hope you guys buy them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pics of the LL DRAGO and s pegasis from vortex and launcher grip + string launcher
hey how much is shipping??
I might buy earth eagle from you
O wait nvm PM sent
Pictures of stickers please?