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Full Version: Jingle All the Bey [London,UK 11/12/10]-Regents Park
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Hey guys Moss back again bringing you another wonderfully put together extremely organised Tourney. XD

Specific info for those that get confused easily:

When: 11th of December midday till whenever people need to leave by.

Where At the bandstand
TehKevin10's Awesome Guide

Here it is, but directed to the bandstand:

OK heads up guys, you want to be taking the following buses that pass by (or are close): 13, 46, 82, 113, 187. The 13 and 46 are one stop away so walk around the edge of St Johns Wood high street. From here on, you wil lwant to enter the park via the entrance by the mosque. The Mosque is labelled on the linked map added on the OP.

Now train wise, you guys want to get the Jubilee line somewhat and get off at Bakers street (Jubilee, metropolitain, bakerloo and some more?). From bakers street station you want to walk down the road on the right of the entrance/exit for 50 metres, cross the small road and enter through the main of the parks entrances, you can't miss it! At this stage you will be at a duck/swan feeding area and on your immediate right is a big bridge. You want to go cross that bridge and when your across the 30 metre long bridge, you want to turn left and walk up that path. For about 100 metres walking straight following the path, you will reach the bandstand - easy! For this route you should use this map. (Bandstand at top middle, bridge is at the direct bottom : Route A

The other route, to get here you can get off at St Johns Wood station, get the bus 113/82/13 outside and take it for 2 stops to the mosque (then walk down hangover road to entrance). Enter through the hangover road entrance. From the entance you will see a largish playground, a pond; there are many kids yellow paddling boats here in this small pond, and across this pond is the boathouse cafe, a cafe. Route B map Looking at the map, you can see the pond. Walk down the outlined path hugging the lake. You should aim to walk all the way down that path till you reach the bridge as described in route A. Again walk up 100metres up the straight path and your there. - The bandstand is the small white circle in the bottom right of the link. Hangover road entrance is in the top right, to the right of that is the playground and the pond.

These are two easiest ways to get there via public transport and walking!
Got that guys?

If you get lost I will be posting my number closer to the date

Banned parts

As usual the Libra wheel will be banned in accordance with the WBO standard format

The regular price is £3 or free If you have purchased a Blader Passport.
Which is available to buy on the day for £6

Confirmed attendees
  • Moss
  • Team Taurus
  • Blitz
  • Aron101
  • Red B uk 77
  • Rentao

  • ManicBen maybe
  • TehKevin10
  • RockyBuu
  • LeeDraciel
  • JJsonicKid
  • BladeStorm maybe
  • Madmuppet98
  • Vamp69 (Madmuppet98's Mum)
  • Linh004
  • ThePokeblader
  • Dragokid
  • Unusualbob
  • A600NK
  • Akatsuki
  • Silent Viper
  • ShizzyShea
  • Jakeleon
  • OmegaZX
  • flamewolf
  • vortex-pegas
  • Tarrant maybe
  • emreykemo maybe
  • ryenlee
  • madbladerz101
  • Gingka disciple
  • flymewmincrew
  • Darkness Legend
  • Stryda Kid
  • stormcyber
  • RockL-drago2866
  • Brazman
  • thermalblaze
  • shiftz97
  • imis3
  • UMB Shadow
  • pamorlai
  • monoboy
  • adamtoo
  • klonoalunar
  • Revolution
  • lion902
  • go04041996
  • dilshappyfeet
  • CyberDunn
  • shadstar
  • Pegakid
  • Reecieboi97
  • Razzor
  • beyblade247
  • heather rose
  • WackyD
  • RetroDranzer

sellers thread
OH YEAH, first post!!!
anyway, to business...
Is meetup at 12 again, cause if so, i may be only able to come at about 2-3 depending on school...
Would be best to put me down as maybe going.

PLUS the link to the park map aint workin, just to let you know...
spectacular. This time i'll get into the finals!
Maybe you guys should meet at the bandstand straight away? Even if the weather is relatively nice, it's still a cool place to chill anyway.
Thanks <3
If you could put me down as a maybe for now, I'll ask for the time off work tomorrow and should be able to come.
Done thanks blitz
Hey moss just sign me up cause u no ill be there
Thanks RockyBuu.
Please add me to the possibles for now, I'll confirm later!
Hey <3 won't don't you come along? Would you be busy?
Anyways I am sooo coming, and thanks for actually picking this date for me Smile much appreciated since I know theres no plans!

Love you moss for this.
Do I really need to post? Of course im coming Smile
i am obviously coming and watch out LEE because i am planning to beat you!!!
(Nov. 24, 2010  7:54 PM)LeeDraciel Wrote: [ -> ]Do I really need to post? Of course im coming Smile

Thanks Lee
will someone be selling beys like earth eagle vergo and thermal pices and evil gemous is the band stand next to the station ???????
Perhaps noone knows its up to the attendees to sell not me :"(
also i can bring l dragos stadium ,super vortext and dracels forcress do u need them
when will the passport expier
ill come
b uk 77
The passport will expire exactly one year after the money is received and the face is awarded

good to know dood

I really want lots of bladers to attend and make the Uk bey scene a more regular dillio
Once again another tourney is an idea i can not resist turning up to lol i shall be attending this tournament to battle against some good bladers again shall be ace... Lee also hopefully to battle against you again would be cool

Anyways i shall be attending lol c ya all there
Put me on the attending list.
Thanks Linh You and AKatsuki have been added to the list
i will be attending another awesome tournement!
Good to know dood ")
yo moss you should do that store thing that will be awesome!
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