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Full Version: [Fountain Valley/ California USA]: possible tournament
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hey guys do you remember the city of orange post? yea well the person who wanted to make the tournament hasnt been active lately so me and my friend that we met in that thread want to make one here in fountain valley. The location may be in a park, but since it's so big i havent decided yet, but i just want to discuss about this further more. I want to host my own so yea...

Fee: 5 US Dollars, unless you have a blader's passport

List of possible people attending
Crimson Aquario
Red Blader
Date: Undecided

Location: Mile Square Park, Where in mile square park? It's in Lot 17. Now if you search up your direction from ur home to mile square park it will lead you to the heart of the park, which you should not follow. Now delete your A location and leave the B location(which is mile square park) and it should just show you one big map with mile square park in it. Now on the north of the park which is here highlighted in blue zoom into that blue area until you see a ward street crossing a edinger avenue, now that is where my next plan start which is here follow the instructions inside and you should be good, if you have any questions or suggestion for a better direction feel free to ask me by PM

Time: Warm up-2:00-2:30 Official-2:45-3:30 or 4:00 (any arguments please comment or pm)

Possible Judges:
Are you planing to have the tournament on the winter break or summer? That's when I'll be in Cali.
theres some guy mking one in la im joining him
what about SACRAMETO
You need a prefix within brackets in the title.
ok skullslayer where do you live
DreadXIII** :3
ok srry ill change it....and when is ur winter break so i can plan
i gotta wait for Unleashed to answer the PM
Starting on the 17th, and ending... I'm not sure.
ok mine is too....hmm lets make it the first week of winter break
Yay, then we'll have a week and a half/ two weeks to prepare for mine Grin
wait actually lets make it the second week, give time for the stadiums to arrive
right now i have 1 takara tomy stadium, and the attack stadium will come next next week or during the break!
Mine too, Man i was so happy when my dad gave in.
haha i kno when my mom gave in i was jumping up and down
ok i got one more that might be coming
Grin Plus my Takara Starter Storm Pegasis came today Grin!!! String launcher is win. (And it's not orange WOOT)
hey is sunday fine? because the adults can drive their kids to this tourney....or i could make it monday
Sunday's cool.
aight sunday it is on the second week that issss December 26
Would you want to be judge DreadXIII? and im not sure if unleashed want to be one ill ask him
The day after Christmas... Thats gonna hurt a lot of people.
well after the christmas weekend people will work that's the only time that i can think of!
True.. >.>
Ok you can be judge and unleashed can be judge too
Grin I feel like i has Auth-Or-It-Ay
haha but it's a big responsibility, did u read the rule book? the universal one
I've read it twice.
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