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Hi everyone.
I'm Levy, a hobbyist like you. Lately, got into this hobby bcos of my son and
I start collecting MF Beyblades esp. limited edition MF Beyblades.
I've read thru a few threads here , and realize there's some items which is either sold out or not available but I'm able to get it thru my dealers here . I'm located in Singapore so shipping shouldn't be much of a problem (see details below)
I'm not doing this for living strictly as a helping hand, so the price i listed basically is very much the same price my dealer offer me. There again, if the price listed is high compare to other dealers, pls dun ask me why, you decide whether to purchase or
Availability of the stocks very much depends on the dealer stocks, so basically it's a while stocks last situation. But as much as possible, i'll list the stock availability bcos i visit them every 2~3 days.

I only selling a genuine Takara Tomy Metal Fight Beyblades.


I only Accept PayPal.

Items will be shipped by small packet via Singapore Speedpost Air mail, it takes 10-15 business days. (Only USA and UK No tracking # provided. )
*Mail Delivery Delays in Canada(Due to Customs inspection requested by CFIA and Health Canada.) EMS: 12 - 15 business days, Small packet: 2 weeks - 3 weeks. SingPost Information.
Will usually ship within 2-3 business days of receiving cleared payment.
Ship only to the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. Other country PM me!
Additional fee of USD5.00 for Registered Mail
No return.

PM me. (Please enable your private message.)

Item for sale. (All item price is include shipping, The currency is USD)
BB-28 Beyblade Storm Pegasis 105RF with Light launcher $19 (Available)
BB-29 Beyblade Dark Wolf DF145FS with Light Launcher $19 (Available)
BB-30 Beyblade Rock Leone 145WB $21 (Limited)
BB-35 Beyblade Flame Sagittario C145S $21 (Limited)
BB-40 Beyblade Dark Bull H145SD $21 (Limited)
BB-43 Beyblade Lightning Drago 100HF with L-Bey Launcher $23 (Available)
BB-59 Beyblade Burn Phoenix 135MS with Light Launcher $19 (Available)
BB-69 Beyblade Poison Serpent SW145SD with Light Launcher $19 (Available)
BB-70 Beyblade 2 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F with Light Launcher $29 (Available)
BB-71 Beyblade 2 RAY UNICORNO D125CS with Light Launcher $29 (Available)

BB-72 Beyblade Metal Fusion Aquario 105F $23 (Very few left <5)
BB-74 Beyblade Metal Fusion Thermal Lacerta WA130HF $23 (Very few left <5)
BB-78 Beyblade 2 Rock Giraffe R145WB with BB-87 Light Launcher $29 (Available)
BB-80 Beyblade 2 Gravity Perseus AD145WD with BB-80 LR Launcher $39 (Available)
BB-83 Beyblade 2 Pisces DF145BS with BB-87 Light Launcher $29 (Available)
BB-88 Beyblade 2 Meteor L-Drago LW105LF with BB-88 L Bey Launcher $39 (Available)
BB-89 Beyblade 2 Aries 145D with BB-87 Light Launcher $29 (Available)
BB-91 Beyblade 2 Ray Gil 100RSF with BB-87 Light Launcher $29 (Available)
Beyblade 2 Grand Ketos T125RS with BB-87 Light Launcher $29 (Available)
Beyblade 2 Grand Ketos WD145RS with BB-87 Light Launcher $29 (Available)
***Limited Edition Beyblade Metal Fight Fusion EARTHCUILA 105HF/S *** $45 (Limited)
[Image: IMG_0636.jpg]
***Limited Edition Beyblade Metal Fight Gold STORM PEGASUS 105HF *** $45 (Very few left <5) ***
[Image: IMG_0637.jpg]
***WBBA Limited:Beyblade Metal Fight Parts(Attack+Defense)*** $38 (Limited)
[Image: IMG_0668.jpg]
Considering these are all available on ebay for cheaper why would we buy from you exactly...
The prices aren't too bad for some of the beys. A lot of these beys may be cheaper, but only when put up for auction on eBay.
Hi everyone,

Good news! Receive some feedbacks and appreciate that, I've reflected it to my reseller and he's willing to bring the price down !!!!! Hooray!

For all purchases , there'll be a 10% discount and if more than 1 item is purchase in a single order, an additional of 5% will be given and that's a total of 15%.
Shipping is included, register mail additional $5.00

(Nov. 22, 2010  11:01 PM)megablader2 Wrote: [ -> ]Considering these are all available on ebay for cheaper why would we buy from you exactly...

Many are comparing my prices with ebay, and personally i do purchase from ebay too.
Just share with you my experiences.
In fact, some prices listed in ebay are very attractive, could be as low as USD1.00 for a limited edition bey. But watch closely, they ripped you from the shipping cost, the shipping cost could be as high as USD39.99 or even higher. I've purchase my Sol Blaze & Burn Phoenix Ice Blue from the same seller at the same time but i have to pay both the shipping cost for each individual. Alone for the shipping cost I've to pay is almost USD95 and there's no discount for consolidate shipment. When i receive my package, its still 1 package with 2 beys inside. Check the postage stamp cost... it's only USD4.00 + USD2.00 for registered mail. So be careful, don't be caught!
That's a common ebay practise to keep costs down and also the shipping can't be brought down cause the cost of the item is included in the shipping. Not like it's a trick or anything...
It is a trick. Normally, when you search on eBay, the shipping cost doesn't appear. You got to change that in your preferences. Some beys are $1US, but when you look at shipping it is $49US. Thing is, they only offer economy international shipping. Of course, that'd mainly work on people new to eBay or just ones who don't look at the shipping price.
IT IS NOT A TRICK! You clearly don't shop or sell on ebay very much. It costs more money to put all the price on the item price rather than the shipping price so if you really feel like paying more money for no reason at all be my guest but i'd rather save money.
What? It costs more money to put all the price on the item price? I don't sell on eBay at that doesn't make any sense to me. Hmm, maybe we should continue this in PMs. Send me one, as I'm interested in finding out how it works.
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You support everyone geting beyblades right?
NOOOO!!!! I saw Speacial Edition Storm Pegasus at this market and I thought it was freaking FAKE!! So I didn't buy it. And it was cheap too... <---- off topic
Dude whatever you all say, I agree with what Ultra says.
(May. 20, 2012  12:49 PM)BeyBlast Wrote: [ -> ]Dude whatever you all say, I agree with what Ultra says.

Why are you bumping a year old thread? Seriously ... who scrolls for such old threads.
I think this thread should be closed
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