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would be better choices for Weights of MFB
I would consider this extremely useful for the "Alternate Versions" lists for plastics. It's been a huge help to me ever since Ultrablader linked me to it :3
It used to be on the wiki but I don't think it is anymore for some reason.
I assume because it isn't entirely complete. However, it is still a very handy resource, and I don't think enough people are aware of it, seeing as how few articles include full lists of the random booster recolours (and how a lot of people didn't think a Purple Death Driger existed).

Oh, and not to toot my own horn, but this should be very useful when working out combinations for plastics articles, seeing as there are so many combinations around where the tips just fall out or whatever:

That said, it is always best to actually try a combination before including it, or at least get other people to try it, as otherwise a) you can't really hope to write about it in sufficient detail, and b) it might actually suck, and by including it you are recommending it as one of the most notable combinations for any given part.
I don't think so. It was made by a staff member and being praised as good and couldn't be completed more since even then the info was not well known. I don't think it was deleted for a good reason. It would be more well known if it back on the wiki as well.
Well, where was it ? Was it a separate article ? We could try to see who deleted it.
It was a seperate article accessed by going onto the all articles bit.
You do not remember what its title might have been ?
It was the same as the title of that thread: Random Booster Contents List.
It does not seem like it ever was on Beywiki. Are you certain that you saw it there ? In any case, you could simply now 're'make the article, or separate each Random Booster like we do for the HMS and Metal Fight Beyblade Random Boosters.
I thought it was but okay then. It should be on there though so i'll make it tonight I guess.