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Full Version: [Sydney, Australia] Thunder of Beys! 11th of December, 2010
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Thunder of Bey

Myself and Momiji Manju are hosting a tournament in Burwood, located in Sydney, Australia!
If you're interested of want to know more, comment here and we will reply, or you could PM either me or Momiji Manju!

Date:11th of December, 2010. Around 10 am until 3:30PM

WE ARE HOSTING IT AT BURWOOD PARK, NEAR Good games, and RIGHT near the train station we will all wait there for you at 10am and leave at 10:20. for more info, just contact me.
Format: Round robin. (Also, we are only using MFB/Beyblade: Metal Fusion beyblades for the competition, I have spares in case. But bring plastics for free battles)

Attendance list:
1) Momiji Manju - Me.
2) DarknessPlayer
4) z3r0
5) Raykon
6) Ryanmaster
7) Kai
8) MFBleyblade
9) littlechipz
11)GreeNxBlader's friend: Stephen
13)BAKULEGEND111 - signing up on day.
14)MFBleyblade friend
15)z3r0 friend
19) Nyte Wyng
20) XxxHBxxX
21) XxxHBxxX's brother - Jacob
29)rxkt48 friend
31) z3r0
32) z3r0 brother
34) Sam
35) sam friend
36) sam friend
37) Sam friend
38) XxNeitanxX

3) Ben
4) Ben friend
5) Ben friend
6) Ben friend
7) ben friend
8) ben friend

Anyway, if you want any more information, reply here or PM me. And if you decide to go, bring anyone who might want to join in! And the fee is only $5! And we will be able to have free drinks there from the shop. Smile Hope you all make it to the tournament!
Cool can't wait to come
I'm sure you will enjoy it at the tournament Smile.
hey raykon its me z3r0 and one thing i dont got plastic beyblades D:
Hey, and I am actually selling a lot of Beyblades there. Smile Fairly cheap as well hah. Hope to see you and everyone else at the tournament.
OKAY AWESOME i cant wait
oh and what do you mean by sign up do u mean like for wbo or something else? XD Cute :\ Tongue_out_wink Eee Stupid DJ - Yeah!
I mean for the WBO, but obviously you two don't have to anymore haha Smile.
ye lol and im os pysched for this tourny!!! >Grin
hey raykon what stadiums will we use?
Same Grin. Oh, we have a wide range of the stadiums. At the tournament there will be, the Attack stadium, the Standard stadium, Hasbro Vortex stadium, Endurance stadium, Draciel Fortress stadium, but I think we will only use the Attack and standard stadium, as they are the only ones we can use for the tournament battles. But you can use the others for free/fun matches. Smile.

EDIT: Added Sora. to the list.
Sorry to be knit picky Raykon wouldn't
Quote: Thunder of Beys 1th of December
make more sense ?
XD it's okay, haha I will fix the typo now Tongue_out.
I hope everything goes well with this ! Good luck guys. If I get the time, I might be able to make it up to Sydney for this ! That's a maybe though.
Hey how much will the beyblades cost that you are selling ? and waht are the prizes ?
Hey, I am selling them for around $8. And I could use one of my beyblades for a prize. And, thanks Omega! Grin I hope you can make it, if you organize a comp in January I can go btw Tongue_out.
hey ummm on Beyblade Australia Momiji said it was on the 4th ?
We had to change the date, are you still able to go on the 11th of December?
uhhh maybe i might be going with my friend i dunno , ill be sure to keep up to date , im new to beyblades ,hahahaha my friend MIGHT lend me some of his beybladdes lol !
Ok cool, it will be easy if you stay active which helps us a lot!. If you want my MSN you can PM me for it and I will be happy to give it to you.
wheres the best place to buy beyblades in sydney ?
Probably at Toys'R'Us or Target at the moment, Big W sells them way to high imo. I think either me or Momiji Manju are going to ring them today, so do you know if you and your friend are going? (we need to give the store a basic number of how many people will go)
i might be able to go if my mum lets me
Okay cool. If you can go, tell me asap.
(Nov. 22, 2010  6:38 AM)Raykon Wrote: [ -> ]Hey, I am selling them for around $8. And I could use one of my beyblades for a prize. And, thanks Omega! Grin I hope you can make it, if you organize a comp in January I can go btw Tongue_out.

Awesome, sounds good Smile I'll see what I can do.
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