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Full Version: Dragon ball raging blast 2 (xbox 360/ps3) vs Dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team(psp)
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2 new dragon ball z games recently came out, and it's tough for me to decide which one to get.
I like the tag team battles in tenkaichi tag team, but I Love the graphics and maps on raging blast 2.
I don't like how tenkaichi tag team has less playable characters, and I don't like ssj3 vegeta and broly that are on raging blast 2.

So, tell me your opinion, whether you already have one or not, which one you prefer and why. and also, PLEASE VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE OF THE TWO!
yes Broly and Vegeta ssj3 are on RB2,also go with Raging Blast 2 I have it,its really good I love it.the places you fight in are huge and there are a ton of charaters buy RB2! Grin
Are ssj3 broly and vegeta game add ons, or do you unlock them in the game?
I think there add ons because the demo showed them on the character select screen Uncertain
So you don't have them on your game yet? Is the extra anime that is with it good? don't tell me what happens, just tell me if you liked it.
Other than the maps, what else do you like that you don't think will be in tenkaichi tag-team?
Its awesomly epic sauce!!!
I own both games.

Raging Blast 2 is worse than Tenkaichi Tag Team. The models have no soul, there isn't a story mode, and the gameplay is the same tired stuff Spike has been tossing out for years. Granted, Tenkaichi Tag Team isn't much better in any of those regards, but the entire novelty of tag team battles is fun enough that it keeps you hooked.

Raging Blast 2's hook is the animated remake, and for some reason Namco Bandai presented it in some horrible subtitled version with white subtitled bunched to the left hand side of the screen in a small size.

Neither game is great. My suggestion? Buy TTT, rent RB2. If you like RB2, wait for a price drop, or for RB3 (which has been confirmed by Spike to exist).
Cool, thanks a lot, now I know what I will probably do.
The extra amine is subbed? Or dubbed?AND NO STORY MODE?
I have games I can trade in from my gamecube, so I will probably do that.
Hopefully raging blast 3 is better than 1 and 2. I was originally not a fan of raging blast 1,and bought burst limit instead, but raging blast 2 I was not sure about because of those new graphics.
The special is subtitle only, and yes, there is not a story mode in Raging Blast 2, instead a series of battles in Galaxy Mode.

I also can't imagine you'd get much for some Gamecube games.
There's a store near where I live that has AMAZING trade in deals. By that I mean unbelievably AMAZING. And they have very cheap games.
Edit: what other game modes are there in both games?
Both have the standard arcade modes, and extreme battles modes. RB2 has the better training mode, as TTT's is literally just text telling you how to pull off moves, and with RB2 you'll actually be able to test them. TTT has no online multiplayer out of the box, it only has local multiplayer, but you can use the Ad-Hoc Party application for PS3 that allows local multiplayer games go online. RB2 is online out of the box.
dbz rocks
God the special OVA in RB2 has such horrible subtitles. With Raging Blast 2, the combat is much more technical than any other DBZ game i've played. It's very hard to execute combos etc. Haven't played TTT yet.
i may be a 'little' late but i would as a dragonball z expert would say dragonball z raging blast 2 because you dont have to play as ssj3 Vegeta, Broly and Trunks except from the story mode of course. But any way knowing that it i s too late for this i say if u want to get a DBZ game get DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi it is probably the best dbz game ever i am getting it on Xbox 360. It comes with Character creation.
Holy. Bad word. Hahahahahahaha. This is when I was a new little bugger. Just so you know, I have one of these.
This was a year ago.

You were 15.