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Full Version: Cheapest beyblade sell in the market
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All of the beys with no price are 5€ each

Light weel (in plastic) with recolored parts

Libra Sagittario 125 SF
Libra Aquila 145 D
Rock Leo H145 D
Storm Cancer 125 B
Storm Aquario 105 HF/S
Rock Pegasis 100 B


Geminos DF145 FS
Piscis DF145 BS
Escolpio WD145 B
Capricorn 100 HF
Wolf 105 SD

EarthAquila 145 WD
RockOrso ED145 D
Rock Leo 145 WB
Storm Aquario 105 HF/S
Storm Pegasis 105 WF
Storm Aries 105 WB
Rock Aries ED145 B

Beyblade with recolored stikers

Rock Leo 145 WB--- 7€
Dark Cancer CH120 SF--- 7€


CoroCoro Burn Piscis ED145 WF------last one,used.sent me an offer
Black Rock Aries ED145 ------ 25€
Black LDrago 100 HF--------25€


x2 DarkBull H145 SD 8€
x2 Pisces DF145BS 8€

Used Plastics

x1 Dragoon S(blue recolor)
x1 Kid Draciel (near mint)
x1 Jumping Base (near mint)

10€ for traked airmail
6€ for standard airmail
by post or ebay and stuff

if it is by post ill have the digital powerd launcher
Paypal sorry
I'm very interested in the Extreme Beystadium.
how much is the 3 segment laucher w/beypoint card in american money??
3 segment launcher grip*
(Nov. 07, 2010  5:56 PM)dan960bml Wrote: [ -> ]how much is the 3 segment laucher w/beypoint card in american money??
3 segment launcher grip*
14 $ plus shipping
oh i might buy that(might)
oh yea can u sell me anything else for 6 dollars more?
Can make grip and digital powe laucher 24 usd plus shipping
oh umm i might just get the launcher in like a week but if u sell it it wont matter
is the stadium legal i could buy that
Yes the stadium is 100% legal and takara tomy
Well, the Extreme Beystadium is not legal by our rules, if that is what he meant ...
how much shipping on the ultimate stadium to MI
also does the l drago diigital power launcher only spin left ?
l drago digital power laucher is both right and left spin but it is now gone
Will let you know about the shipping price of the stadium thanks.
ok as soon as possible please
Updated the OP selling pre HWS libra
wait so are you still selling the stadium
Yeah don t warry
Did you check the shipping yet
Do you think Gianmarco is godly or something ?
At least give people a day or so...
Post office is closed today..
It will be closed also tomorrow.So I ll give you an answear on monday.Sorry Unhappy
its fine thank you
Price drop 25€ now.
Never seen a so cheap Libra
Oooo ... I might be interested. Is it new or used ?
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