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Full Version: Need good Combo!!
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I have 4 metal fusion beys:
Rock Leone 145 WB
Flame Bull 100 F
Dark Wolf DF145 FS
Storm Aries 125 S

My best attempt to make a combo was:
Flame Wolf DF145 WB

If anyone can make a better combo please tell me. Tongue_out_wink
Stamina - Flame Bull 145S [S has horrible balance though]
Attack - Storm Aries 100F
wouldn't it be in the build me a combo thread...
My combo defeated your Storm Aries 100F

Flame Bull 145 S it isn't very bad but it suffers many attack from below ill buy a dark bull and switch the 145 by a H145 Spin Track then it shoul protect from atacks that comes from below
what stadium...

If you're not using the Takara Attack stadium, you can consider StormAries losing to FlameWolf a fake match.
Buy a Dark Bull and use the SD tip for stamina. (Make FlameBullDF145SD.)

Insert conclusion to this post here.
i am using the thunder whip stadium
Ew no.
try buying a Takara Tomy MFB attack stadium off Ebay or somewhere.
With a username like that, I'm not surprised you'd say that.
Don't forget all you Dark Wolf fans, TT is fake! (Honestly, why not run around here and learn something before posting idiocy like this. Reputation killer.)
Flame Bull DF145WB i would put an SD but because you don't have one WB would work maybe
Wait wait wait.
You're calling my post idiocy? Lol. I don't care really. Your opinion is your opinion.
If you want a defense type, prepare for lotsa things to buy.
You'll need to buy a MF (metal face)
a GB145 or C145
And an earth wheel mold 2, if I'm correct.
Still, use the Build Me A Combo thread because I suck at combos :3
Try this, Rock Bull 125 WB