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Full Version: Would Appreciate Help From Forum Veterans...
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Hello, I'll introduce myself. I'm Break Point, for those who remember my brother Lazerblader (I'm not kidding...) who accomplished the deed of using Beyblades in a science project, I would like to request your help in a manner similar to his.

I'm currently in the process of continuing his research except with the newly (United States) released Metal Fusion Beyblades. I do however need a list of what products to buy so I have all the "wheels" (the metal parts) and the spin tips. I would greatly appreciate your help and would ask you not to reply pointlessly, but with a list of products.

Thanks For Your Help
Break Point

(In your list, the names of products should be complete. No abbreviations as they will most likely not make sense to me. Thank You.)
You can look at the Beyblade Parts List on Beywiki, it will tell you all the Beyblades and their parts.