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Full Version: Halloween 2010 is here!
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When I was 8 i remember dressing up as Kai from Beyblade...i dyed my hair blue, got my Dranzer F, got that wierd Red laumcher grip thingy and headed out to elementary school for the parade.

good times lol

So who is going out this year? I am not. Halloween is really for little kids in that sense
I'm going as myself and I'm 10 so don't blame me for sugar craze
I'm not anymore but If I had a choice in whether to dress up as something it would be a sci fi nerd,black skinney jeans, my camp merin sierra T shirt (alien green with alien head on top left which glows but not giger then your fist), my glasses and that's it (i don't need my glasses I don't wear them very often).
I'm going with a few of my friends I'm just wearing a weird wizard hat thing.
Im being a penguin(like a real penguin not the villian).. I'm 14 and i am either going or handing out candy/scaring little kids in this penguin suit
im going as boxman! (
thing i never liked about halloween, you go and buy 300 pieces of Candy just to give away. then when you are done "trick-or-treating you only have 100 pieces of candy. basicly you lose by giving away 200 pieces of candy to every little boy dressed like Scream or a Ninja and every little girl dressed like a celebrity with no talent (*cough*hannah montana*cough*) or some kind of princess or fairy. worst part of it is, they are all strangers for the most part!

im telling you, answering the door every 30 dammed seconds really interfears with Homework and watching CSI and Bigbang theory (mostly the last thing haha)

the other day in Chemistry A, i learned 2 things

1) how to make fire turn green! (add copper!)
2) How to make a pumpkin breath fire

choice 1 + choice 2 = scaring the carp out of all the little chldren! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
to bad i don't have any pure copper on me lol

and for all the kids reading this, the reason you say "trick or treat" is because if you dont get treats, you must throw toilet paper at that person...ok you all have no idea how hard i am laughing right now. please dont do that, although that would be sooooo funny.
(Oct. 31, 2010  2:08 PM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: [ -> ]"Halloween is really for little kids in that sense"

Not really, I'm 13, and I would've went trick or treating, it's just that I don't have the time. But, I guess being 13 still counts as being a "kid".

Either way, people up to 16 still trick or treat.

I guess I'm going to hide and spray any T-p-ers with a hose?