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Full Version: Anubis, Quetzalcoatl 90WF (silver) and Chimera--11/20 updated
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How long does it take you to ship to Canada?
Thank you BeyFan for the reply. I am soooo glad to hear you receive it safe and sound Smile

It may take 5~7 working days as well if you use EMS ($10 added), thanks!
thank you! received my Chimera.. it was a very quick shipping.. only 3 days.
Wow, nice to hear that Elvin, nice to trade with you too Smile
Do you have to pay with credit card?
I guess not Smile
Bump, with discount and 1 item added in 1st post.
Just letting you know my Divine Chimera just arrived, very happy with it thanks!
Thank you very much~

I am glad to hear that from you.
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