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Full Version: Night's Drawings
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This is where I will post my art. Feel free to comment how you like.

1= Daichi Eh, there was a pixelated Daichi Mugshot that I printscreened from a game, but I made it larger and traced over it.
2= Glacier Man Mega Man Robot Master Request for a friend.
3= Random Comic I don't know what this is either.
4= Brotherly Love They are just playing. Run away before it gets ugly.
5= Bey Battle S Pegasis V L L-Drago, nothing else. . . except for other beys that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
6= Sagittarius T Traditional.
7= Sagittarius D Digital.
8=Pre HWS::: MF Wyvern DJ W105CS I was carp at 3D stuff back then, I'm better now.
9= Model C Colonel Remodeled an X character into a ZX biometal.
10= My own HMS beys The old dayz.
11=Apollo Thrustice Um?
12=Phoenix Spike ...?
13=Miles Hedgeworth They get better, I think.
14=Mega Man Axl - Axl Back and front design of something. Don't like it that much.
15=Mega Man Axl - Zero It's Zero. Fighting machines don't need faces.
16=Neku and Sora T If Neku and Sora were Androids. I've put a little signature that looks like a face, it will stop people from stealing.
17=Neku and Sora D If Neku and Sora were Androids. I tried to colour Neku's hair how it was in the official TWEWY artwork.

love th-oh it anyways!!!
... This is very pointless. If you have nothing to show, then do not create a new topic until you actual do have something.

I am only letting this open because I know you have a deviantART account and creations there, but seriously, do not make new threads if you are just not ready.
Okay, sorry.
these are epic
and kai-v lighen up these are great so get lost
nice pics dude keep practising who knows that in future u became a artist
great dude! I loved your Sagittarius drawings! LOL, Sagittarius looks so bald!
(Apr. 28, 2011  6:50 AM)venam serpant Wrote: [ -> ]and kai-v lighen up these are great so get lost
Dude, she is the main administrator. Don't tell her to get lost.

Anyway, why necro this? Night isn't even active anymore.
You can't bump outside of the Bey Marketplace, but great as always Night. You should post stuff here more often, your stories were amazing.
Yeah dude I miss those stories, I haven't been motivated recently, also these drawings are epic man! so cool, are they inherited skills or earned?
I think I earned them. I'll try to make a new story some day.
EDIT: Nevermind, I Failed.
nice i especialy liked the pegasis and ldrAGO ONE
(Apr. 06, 2012  6:17 PM)The Fire Wyrm Wrote: [ -> ]
(Apr. 28, 2011  6:50 AM)yusei fundo100 Wrote: [ -> ]and kai-v lighen up these are great so get lost
I can tell you are new here.

On topic:
Hey Night!, nice to see you back. Nice pics, but wheres the Disgaea stuff?

He hasn't been online since Aug 2011 so no point telling him xD

Anyway, I really like your work. What did you do, draw them and then scan them in to color?
(Apr. 06, 2012  6:47 PM)nationsbeyblade Wrote: [ -> ]nice i especialy liked the pegasis and ldrAGO ONE


(Apr. 06, 2012  7:21 PM)RAW Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, I really like your work. What did you do, draw them and then scan them in to color?

Yeah, it's drawn on paper - but Photoshop is the tool for colouring.
Good job. You really have art in you.
Okay Cool These are awesome.. nice good work