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Full Version: The Social Network
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[Image: The-Social-Network-movie-poster-1.jpg]

Hey guys Im thinking this is going to be another beastly performance from Cera. Anyone going to watch this? I sure am

Well, IMO this doesn't seem too interesting to me... I can't explain but it just seems...boring.
uh, Cera isn't in it?

It hasn't been released in the UK yet? Bummer. I haven't seen it yet, but I heard it's a pretty darn good movie.
Oh I heard they were the same person but anyway The Uk Trailer for this sucks so hard.
Well if you guys think its going to be good, i'll give it a shot.
Whats it supposed to be about? like the making of facebook or something?
Its basically the stuff that went into making "the" Facebook
As an IT student; watching this film will motivate me in my future projects, etc.

in my opinion if this film is successful, the use of facebook will rise.

if it fails, the worst that could happen is the use of facebook decreases.