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Full Version: Jehuis/Reno's HMS Combos
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Im a little rusty on the part names so please bare with me.

Upper Attack

ARTongue_outhantom Fox MS
WD: CWD Defense Ring(Sea Dragon Hasbro Version)
RC:Metal Change Core(DEMS/DGMS Very eroded, I count about 8 very small holes)

Unfortunately all I have is the Hasbro Mobile stadium. So thats where i test my blades.

Notes: Works best on left spin, in one trial I did with my younger brother I did a catapult shot and it rammed into the 2nd combo chipping off a piece of its running core.


AR: Advance Balancer( Advance Averazer)
WD:Circle Balance
RC: Dranzer MS
That Metal Change Core sounds illegal worn down ...
Personally, I wouldn't trust the second one. Hmm what other parts do you have?
Natural,Its from use. Hell, the bottom even has a few small cracks.


Circle heavy,Seagon Attacker,Gaia Dragoon MS' AR,and Metal Saucer are all I have left.
(Aug. 22, 2008  1:27 AM)Jehuis Rad Wrote: [ -> ]Natural,Its from use. Hell, the bottom even has a few small cracks.

Just because its natural wear doesn't mean it's legal.