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Full Version: Suggestion: Hasbro/Takara-Tomy/Sonokong sections
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Ok... this might seem weird, but for most people in Canada, The US, and the UK, we have to use hasbro blades. And since hasbro makes some blades slightly different, and things like that, I propose for things like wheel weight, Molds, stuff like that should be mentioned in the articles. Like some people say the Gasher/Cancer wheel is heavier than bull for Hasbro. So therefore, people who had scales could actually confirm that, and put it on the wiki. So what do you think, guys?
umm... wouldn't the mods just make a `hasbro` section of the beywiki?
Well hasbros metal wheels are slightly better but isn't there a thread about this already
i dont think so.

let me help me you refine your idea...

for the mfb blade articles only, delete the other versions section in addition to all the part descriptions. replace all of this with a new section called "Releases" in this section, each different version of the bey should get its own section, and in that section, a brief description. then, rather than copy and paste descriptions of parts, just provide links to thier respective articles.

i will post an example soon
note: TT, hasbro, and Sonokong all count as different versions
... If there is a significant difference it can just be mentioned in a second paragraph in a certain part's description ... It is not more complicated than that.

We would just write "However, with Hasbro's version, [...]". It just needs to be added. And it is very easy to simply write the "Hasbro weight" right below the TAKARA-TOMY weight.

Also, if we just link to parts' pages, then what is really the point of having an article about a Beyblade, hah ?

I do not think the idea of adding lines about significant differences ever escaped us : there just seems to be nobody who can properly weigh the parts and test them to add informative content to the articles. It is in fact the same situation with the fact that articles are currently missing ... Nobody is writing them.
so you want a mold variation thingy for each part and say what the diffrence is and how it effects the parts performance from hasbro to TT/sono kong?
Only if it is significant in my opinion. There might be variations in S, but they are all bad ...