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Full Version: [Trenton, New Jersey, USA] Anyone in the woods??
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Is there anyone out there who would like to start a New Jersey tournament?

We've got lots of parks and forests that you could use to fight in!!

I bet there are at least a few Jersey bladers out there and New York bladers would only be a hour away!

I would organize something myself but I don't think anyone would take a twelve-year-old who won't be hitting their growth-spurt any time soon.
Well flame is 13. but dude I live in marylan (4 hour drive to NJ) if someone was to make a tourney I would go
i use to live in NEW JEARSY but sadly i moved i hope i come it takes 2 hours any how
i have a friend in wbo and his bro that live near [on buddy list]
i might o
look at thread belair marland usa and we could join our groups and ask more people [read to understand]
i would go but idk how far it is from where i live
the time past for me sorr
if you orginize a tournoment I will come
i might go i not sure most likey no because it is very far
I am thinking about starting a tournament and I am from NJ
I might come, I live pretty close.
(Nov. 14, 2010  11:04 PM)camaroz28iroc Wrote: [ -> ]I am thinking about starting a tournament and I am from NJ

You cant start official tourney but u can start an unofficial one though ( u cannot collect money if its unofficial,) and i can come too , its only 1 hr away.
anyone from new jersey or the local area join the NJ bladers
yeah i might be able to make it
im in paterson if anyone wants to blade
i would do one in lindenwold, but i dont know if every one can make it. it would be at an park. can any one make it to linenwold.
will any one make it to lindenwold, if so i will host a tournament there
I live in Burlington County. How far is Lindenwold from here?
(Jul. 11, 2011  9:27 PM)Xeno Wrote: [ -> ]I live in Burlington County. How far is Lindenwold from here?

32 min. that realy good.
hey is any one gonna come to the tournament in Lindenwold, if not than i will just save my money and not do it
well i would like to go to a tournament, i live in westbath maine...and only a few people beyblade arond here Crying
and it's not enogh to mak a tourtnament with..
I am from Pennington NJ...just outside of Trenton
Leone-fox97 i'm truely sorry to here that, and jctblade that is good thing you can make to Lindenwold?
hey i have 5 people ready to do a tournament i need 5 more, ant want to be in
my grand father said he is not going to pay for the tournament any more, so i willn't be hosting a tournament