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Full Version: Favourite Antagonist (Do elaborate, folks) (Possible spoilers)
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Movies, books, TV shows video games and pretty much every form of media has vilains and bad guys. Most of the time, I enjoy them more than the protagonists (i.e I prefer Ryuuga (With his Japanese voice) to Ginga)

Who is YOUR favourite antagonist? You have a huge universe of vilains to choose from, so make your choice!

My personnal favourite would be Tri-Edge from .hack//G.U. Everytime he appeared, there was this atmosphere where you knew something bad was gonna happen, which is really impressive, considering he has absolutely no dialogue. At all.
mine is a tie between two guys with awsome swords and sweet theme songs
sephiroth from final fantasy 7 who is just pure evil and the black knight from fire emblem 10 who at first is your best aly but then becomes one of your worst enemys
Aizen/Uliquiorra from Bleach, Epic Pwnage.
my favourite villain is Yami Marik from yugioh cause I think his cards are epic and he has funny hair too :D
Ali Al Saachez from Gundam 00, hes just such an evil carp that its hard not liking him whilst hating him at the same time.I mean he killed (you know who if you've seen the show)and lots of the minor characters and his reasoning for killing these people was basically "It was for the lulz" he's such a terrible person that you will basically end up rooting for him.

(Oct. 18, 2010  8:55 PM)Daegor42 Wrote: [ -> ]L.


Totally with you.
I always thought L was the protagonist, while Kira/Light was the bad guy. I guess it's more a matter of opinion on that whole. Killing criminals is smooth" debate...

But hey, L is pretty damn awesome.
(Oct. 18, 2010  11:08 PM)Dude Wrote: [ -> ]I always thought L was the protagonist, while Kira/Light was the bad guy.

L is a classic example of Antagonist =! Villain.

L was a Hero Antagonist and Light was a Villian Protagonist.
Jesse and James from Pokemon because I like there motto
One very interesting guy Daysley/ Barthandelus AKA Super Pope from FFXIII, hes pretty high on my list (not very fav) because he is just odd.
Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat. Why?

First off, he is around 40% responsible for most of the evil resurrection in Mortal Kombat 3, later on he served with Shinnok- whose failure to conquer Earth Realm inspired the Brotherhood of Shadow (Noobs clique) rise to the earth and chaos realms. All to think he was just Sub Zero's older brother.
1: Joker, period
2: Tubes (?) From Metal WHAT THE HELL IS THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!??? Sorry, overload. Because he steals techniques from the WBO and the Anime. Stealing stuff from a children's T.V show is just low. Seriously. And he is my antagonist, and he likes it.
3: Wrath from FMA, he is kinda both a protagonist and antagonist.
Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass, I just love that no mater how perfect any of Lelouch's plans were just Suzaku's very presence on the battlefield changed everything.
(Oct. 19, 2010  12:31 AM)Fullmoon Wrote: [ -> ]Jesse and James from Pokemon because I like there motto

Hahah! This!
(Oct. 19, 2010  12:31 AM)Fullmoon Wrote: [ -> ]Jesse and James from Pokemon because I like there motto

which one?



2: we're blasting of again!!!!
I can't decide xD;
If I had to choose now, Dracula of Castlevania. Something about pretty men and miserable little piles of secrets...
L or light
but light killed L so L