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Full Version: Hello there >.< bey parts and stadiums
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Hello, i'm buying these beys western union money order.
$20 for two takara stadiums? You're out of your mind.
$20 wouldn't even buy one takara tomy stadium.
$20 is the cheapest you will get for one TT
K maybe one. I'll buy used doesn't matter.
no one will give you 2 takara tomy beystadiums, i bet they won't even give you 1 for $20. Your better off buying a bey or two with that money.
if your not selling anything then dont bother. people might have reasons they need to sell. they could give them away for all we know. this is negotioble btw.
We are just telling you there is no chance of that happening, just so you do not have false hopes.
i've updated my post
I think you should get the better bey of those 2. and 1 stadium
the better bey would be ray unicorno, at least in my opinion.

and a stadium from TT can range from 30-50 dollars..