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Full Version: Montréal, Québec, Canada - The Proud Warriors of the North-East. (01/08/2011)
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IMPORTANT UPDATE : The new location of the tournament is the park of the Louis-Riel school, but we still meet at Valentin's house.

Every winter we get snow storms, our cars have issues starting, and we generally freeze all over just from going outside, but our passion will prevail : we will hold a tournament outside this winter !

The last tournament we had in Montréal was more than a year ago, so it is about time something new happened.

We will of course be using the Standard Format, so only Metal Fight Beyblades/Beyblade Metal Fusion products can be used, with the exceptions already noted in the Rulebooks.

The event will be held in Valentin's backyard, but I predict that it might become too small soon, in which case we will go to a park nearby. The meeting point will be at his house anyway, so contact me if you do not know his address already. He lives in Anjou, Montréal.

This is very obvious, but we recommend that you dress warmly. Gloves could be troublesome, but make sure you have a Launcher Grip and things should be better, hopefully. Gloves are preferred over mittens, also.

January 8th is still far away so we cannot predict the weather or everyone's work schedule yet. That is why the secondary date of the tournament is January 9th 2011, in case it is really impossible to be outside or that other unpredictable events happen.

This is a list of currently confirmed participants :
sharkman (and friends ?)
Justin Cameron

Possible attendants :

Do not hesitate to come even if you speak English and that Québec is a French province : we are open to everybody and we will try to translate everything in both languages. Beyblade is universal.
right this awesome i would like to attend this but sadly not i live too far but it looks like a good match there
i ones went there and love it and the attendies are a lot i didnt expect a turmanet there so it looks good
possibly put possible
(Oct. 11, 2010  8:08 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]This is a list of currently confirmed participants :
Kei ?!

Yes! I am going to try my best to be there! Just have to look into transportation options.
Proud Warriors of the North-East? Pfff, my title idea was better Serious

Anyway, I look foward to this :3 Gonna be a lot of fun.
Good luck with this tournament guys Smile
I really wish I could come though.
Maybe I should secretly follow Kei ;o
(Oct. 12, 2010  8:54 PM)Pyro Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe I should secretly follow Kei ;o

If you can fit in my suitcase, you can tag along!
Can't wait. Add my cousin: Rahul
Very small chance I might be able to show. Very, very, very small chance, haha.

Just won't be right seeing TO in Montreal though. The two don't mix, oil and water.
What do you mean the two don't mix? ...
Hah, a Canadian tourney in winter! Yay!

Good luck guys.
(Oct. 13, 2010  5:02 PM)Sun Wrote: [ -> ]What do you mean the two don't mix? ...

It's a joke. Toronto is often shortened to "TO", and my username is "To". Toronto and Montreal are rivals in a variety of things, so it wouldn't make sense to mix "To" with Montreal, haha.
I wish I could come but,I live to far so good luck to everyone going sorry
If you have a broken bey I can fix it just call me
Put me in Possible Attendees list if u want. My mom wants to go to Quebec during Winter holidays and/or longer. I'll come unless I end up in a different city.
Lol, I know montreal and toronto are rivals, like Leafs vs Habs Tongue_out But you can still come and compete ^^
Put my name in the list I'm coming!
Why isn't my name in the participants list?
(Oct. 16, 2010  5:11 PM)L-Ryuga Wrote: [ -> ]Why isn't my name in the participants list?
I thought I had added it yesterday ... It seems my edit was not saved.
Add me to the tourney canada isnt far away. But where is the city exactly like in toronto or what.
(Nov. 05, 2010  3:16 AM)Ryuga17 Wrote: [ -> ]Add me to the tourney canada isnt far away. But where is the city exactly like in toronto or what.
You do not know where Montréal is ? Also Toronto is a city, so Montréal cannot be in it ...
(Nov. 05, 2010  3:16 AM)Ryuga17 Wrote: [ -> ]Add me to the tourney canada isnt far away. But where is the city exactly like in toronto or what.

It's far southeast of Canada in Quebec. If you're not sure, check Google maps! Tongue_out_wink
awww! i live to far to come. anyways good luck to everyone who participates!
add me too i will be able to make it and my friend wants to go to
Good luck to all who participate!
Also Kei, I might take you up on that offer..
is there a bey marketplace thread for this?
do we need one?
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