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Full Version: Arrested Development
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Does anyone else watch this show?

Personally, I consider it the greatest show I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
Seriously, Ron Howard narrates!

Please someone else know about this so we can talk about this amazing show!
Ron Howard narrates?!

You teased my interest XD
If you're a Jason Bateman fan? Then you aren't one until you've seen this show.

David Cross, at his very best.

Michael Cera's first role ever.

Seriously. Watch this show>
The rap group is better lol
(Oct. 11, 2010  4:07 AM)BDaichi Wrote: [ -> ]The rap group is better lol

Have you actually seen the show?
tennesee (definitely spelled it wrong) wait a minute so this isnt about the group? im confused
(Oct. 11, 2010  4:27 AM)lightninglibraX Wrote: [ -> ]tennesee (definitely spelled it wrong) wait a minute so this isnt about the group? im confused

Andrew Seriously?
You would think to read the above posts before posting.
I love the show. I have all 3 seasons. Hah, one of my favourites is Goeb's (?) final count down dances.
I hated it.
Hmm, any reason as to why? I really liked the connections drawn between all the events.
It's one of those things where you have to 'get it' to like/love it, otherwise you just hate it.

I didn't get it. It just wasn't funny to me.
Oh, fair enough then.

EDIT: Wow, how little content on my part. Hah to save myself...

what's everyone's favourite series of Arrested Development?

Personally I liked all of them, although the whole british arc was pretty bad IMO.